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Let’s get over the brass tacks first, how much do you charge?

Our pricing largely depends on what you need us to capture at a wedding, and since each wedding is different the prices also vary based on the wedding.

Can I get only photography or do I have to get the video package as well?

We usually prefer our photography and videography teams to work in tandem with one another so they both coalesce to give you the perfect rendition of your marriage ceremony. However if you require only one of these we can arrange that as well, so never fear!

Will you give us a photo album? If so, how many photographs will it contain?

Of course we will! We will hand-pick the best 600 photographs from the thousands we have taken and put them together to give you a photo album that you can keep to show anyone and everyone how lovely your wedding ceremony was.

Why do we need to choose you and not a much cheaper option? Your price seems a bit higher than others.

We understand that you have a budget to attend to, but take a look at some of the past work of these options. We pride ourselves on quality and skill, our team and our equipment is worth the cost. If you’re not convinced we invite you to take a look and appraise our portfolio alongside others, we’re sure you will see the difference in quality.

What about advanced booking? Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we usually require you to give us a deposit of 50% of the discussed price.

What places can you travel to for wedding coverage?

To the moon and back! As long there is transport.

How soon do we need to book your services for the wedding?

We would like to prepare a lot of the requirements in advance so things will go smoothly for your wedding, so it would be perfect if you could book us 3 months in advance. But if you just found us and your wedding is soon, ask anyway because we could still help!

How can we just take you up on your word? We would like to see some of your past work to make sure you’re good.

No problem! We’re proud to show you some of your best work so far, please see our portfolio. And if you still have any doubts after that feel free to give us a call. Or just call us anyway for a friendly chat, we love that!

What is candid photography? Is it different from normal wedding photography?

Candid photography is exactly what it sounds like, an honest moment. This moment could be anything, joy, anger, sadness, etc. In a wedding, we use candid photography to capture the moments of joy without having anyone pose for them. After all, the true emotions of people are always fleeting and rarely show themselves when they pose for a picture. We don’t disrupt ceremonies or ask people to pose. We let people be their normal selves for the camera, and that brings out their best side.

Normal wedding photography is quite the opposite of candid photography. We ask everyone to pose so we can take pictures. The ceremony, the gift-giving, the reception, we have the people pose for all of it, this way people can decide what does and doesn’t make its way onto a film. While this method is respected and effective, it doesn’t quite capture the happiness and camaraderie that usually fills a wedding. It also isn’t as lovely as an honest laugh or smile. We do provide this service as well, so just ask ☺.

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